Pay Want You Want – Running our Business Differently


At the Wellness Centre, many of our services are offered as Pay-What-You-Want. This applies to all our Integrated Health and Wellness Treatments.

What is Pay-What-You-Want?

It means you get to choose, every-time, anonymously and without judgment for us,how much you pay for our services. We don’t care if you make $10,000 per year, $100,000 per year or $1,000,000 per year. We don’t care if you drive a 94 Jetta or a Tesla, live in a yurt, tent or a mansion We only care that you pay what you feel comfortable with.

For example, our Island Community Acupuncture clinic has a minimum charge of only $20. So some people pay $20, some pay $23 (which is what is covered by MSP) and some pay all they way up to $50.

I know for myself, some days I feel wealthy, I feel called to share financially more openly, and some days I feel broke, and sharing my money feels unfair. At the Wellness Centre, we know your health is always changing, and want to take back some control and come visit us. And since people have a differing ability to pay, and this too is constantly changing, or pricing model reflects that.

Why do we offer our services in this unconventional model?

First, it allows us to offer services for less than we would be able to otherwise. This is because many people actually pay more than the minimum. If we did not offer this pricing model, we would not be able to offer acupuncture for $20, which is what many of our clients can actually afford. At this price we do not cover basic operating costs and the practitioners are making their minimum.

Second, all our practitioners are compensated as a percentage split with the Wellness Centre. So when you pay more than the minimum, the practitioner gets more. Many of our practitioners offer their services here at the center for less than they do at their private practice, and they do so because they are committed to our model of providing accessible and affordable healthcare. You can also rest assured that the practitioner does not know how much you pay.


2nd Annual Wellness in the Park Celebration

Wellness in the Park


Last year we hosted Wellness in the Park and it was a huge success!! Offering 3 hours of free 15 minute bodywork sessions and consultations alongside Yoga, Bellyfit and Zumba we saw over 150 people!

This year we are extending the hours of the event to a full day. Beginning with Qi Gong, a water conservation demonstration and exhibit, we are following with the well loved band OKA. OKA will be leading us into a Yoga set followed by Dance Temple. The afternoon will be filled free bodywork sessions and consultations again and every participant in the event will be entered into our Grand Prize Draw, which will be announced just prior to the event.

OKA CD’s will be available for the duration of the event.

To keep up to date on the grand prize and event details please join our Wellness in the Park Facebook Page

See you there!!

Tina Simpson

Host Wellness in the Park

SSIWC Manager

What is a Coach? By Chental Wilson, Life Coach at SSIWC


Athletes use coaches to help them become the best athletics they can be.  They encourage you, believe in you, hold you accountable to help you reach your goals. Give you action steps to get you to move in the direction you want to go and give you tools to become the best at what you do. 

What is a A Life Coach?

A Life Coach is very similar to a athletic coach only its not focused solely on the physical goals its about helping you live a life true to yourself on every level of your life whether its physical, emotional or business goals my job as a Life Coach is to help you achieve the life you want. I call the process  “Becoming a Detective in Your Own Life”. Once I help you understand whats blocking you from having the life you want then I will give you action steps towards achieving your goals and creating a fabulous life.

What is Consciousness Coach and why do I need to have consciousness in my life? 

Consciousness is the ability to become aware of yourself.  Difficult to do but not impossible to achieve. It takes time, encouragement and patience to cultivate but it is possible to become a conscious observer of yourself. We are all aware of others behaviour but seldom our own because its very difficult to watch yourself in action. How the outside world perceives us and how we think we act to the outside world and who we think we are is often not the same. 

Being aware of how you act is becoming Conscious. My passion is to help you see when and where and why you have moments of unconsciousness in your life and how this is keeping you from the life you want. Without consciousness in your life its very confusing and difficult to understand why you haven’t reached the life you want, why your relationships aren’t working, why you don’t have the job you want, etc. Once you have this level of awareness you will start to see how you can now achieve the life you dreamed of having. Many never go on this journey and its not for the faint of heart, it requires a trust and faith in yourself that we in our western society have not yet been taught to cultivate and its waiting to be discovered in you for you. 

You are the very thing you have been waiting for, its time to unlock it.

I have you build an awareness muscle in your consciousness so that you can make conscious choices in your “choices” to achieve what you want in life. 

“The body knows the truth; you can’t fool it. Unfortunately, the mind thinks you can and tries, but what happens is health issues arise when you listen more to the mind than the body which is communicating your truth to you through its pain in the body.” 

In short A Consciousness Coach is a person who can see/read your unconscious thoughts and actions and reflect them back to you so that you can see also. Once that happens consciousness has been brought in and then from that place you can now make a “conscious” choice. Then I go on to teach you how to do this for yourself on a regular basis.

This is nearly impossible to achieve without a direct experience or someone who has been before you to coach you through the steps and encourage you to keep going. If this intrigues you please book an appointment and see if I can help you unlock your magnifisense.

Written by Chental Wilson, Author of “Can I be me without losing you”

Life Coach practicing at the Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre

Why Community Acupuncture?

Most people who receive acupuncture are either seen in private practice as outpatients, in physical therapy settings, or as part of spa treatments intended on increasing beauty and vitality. As a result this ancient form of medicine has become either too expensive or too exotic for the average person to even consider as a viable option for improving their health. The effectiveness of treatment increases with regular sessions and as a result traditionally cost becomes an issue. To honour our role of a wellness provider, we have adopted the community acupuncture model to service our local population.

The effects of Acupuncture are manifold; cumulatively, it improves circulation and vitality, it is drug-free (except for your body’s homemade endorphins), non-invasive, and has few side effects. Depending on the condition, it may take anywhere from 4 to 12 sessions to make lasting changes in a patient’s physiology. For many people, the cost of treatment interferes with their progress, so treatments become irregular and sparse, or discontinued once major issues are dealt with sufficiently, without addressing the root of the problem. This is unfortunate, because acupuncture works much like regular exercise and proper nutrition: in a cumulative, slow-&-steady, lasting way. Anyone in any state of health can benefit from getting regular acupuncture treatments. But the reality of modern healthcare is that many who need care are not able to access it sufficiently. Our response to this crisis is community acupuncture.

In a community acupuncture setting patients receive treatment on reclining chairs sharing a comfortable, clean, and calm environment with other patients. Because acupuncture meridians run all along the body from the extremities to the core and back again to connect all the various organ systems and substances, the points on the arms and legs can be used to access all corners of the body. Along with the hundred or so points on the head, face, and ears, anyone in shorts or loose-fitting pants and a t-shirt is perfectly dressed to receive a complete acupuncture treatment, regardless of their health concerns!

Community acupuncture clinics typically operate on a sliding-scale payment model. This flexible pay scale allows a larger proportion of patients access to healthcare and continuity to their course of treatment. Community acupuncture, sometimes referred to as working-class acupuncture, values providing healthcare to as many members of the community as possible.

Talking about what ails us is a crucial part of the healing process. By removing the stigma and isolation that sometimes accompanies illness, we can benefit from the support of our community to bring about a shared, common wellness. Recognizing that in this shared space, each individual benefits from the group’s efforts at being well is precisely what brings people together in a community, amplifying the intent and energy of those participating. Numerous studies outlining the general and significant benefits of community involvement on mental and physical health prove that we are our best when we feel like we belong. A community acupuncture clinic acts as a physical space that embodies this humble and basic principal of human health. On behalf of the Salt Spring Island Wellness Community, we welcome all to join us in making our homes and our hearts the healthiest they can be.

Integrated Health Opening and New Summer Hours

Integrated Health is now open at the Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre. This branch of our service offering includes a wide range of holistic treatments at an affordable cost in one central location. Check out the schedule here. We are now open from 9:00am until 4:30pm everyday with the exception of Sundays.

Our philosophy is a realization that when an individual falls into imbalance, this affects multiple systems. Holistic health adopts the premise that it takes attention to those multiple systems to bring them back into equilibrium. We are a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals that showcase some of the best healing modalities that Salt Spring has to offer. Together we teach based on experience and training both within traditional educational institutions and worldly knowledge passed down through spiritual/universal practice. Here at the Wellness Centre, all therapists are working together, offering our individual expertise in a collaborative environment to give you, the client the highest level of care.

Our clinic also includes a Community Acupuncture and Massage Clinic on a sliding scale to allow access to effective health care for all income levels. This model has had much success in other communities and we are excited to be able to offer this model here on Salt Spring Island.

Call, email or drop into our office to become a member and book an appointment with our passionate and skilled holistic therapists.

Our Integrative Health Team

Dr. Patrick Callas ND – Spinal Adjustments

Taz Ackerly – Deep Restorative Massage

Christin Boyd – Reiki and Bowen Technique

Chental Wilson – Life Coaching

Meghan Zuvelek – Health Coaching

Christine Grimes – Registered Massage Therapy and Community Massage Clinic

Bruce Winstone – Alexander Technique and Rolfing

Joanne Hope – Reiki, Access Bars and Ra Sheeba

Yaz Yamaguchi – Shiatsu Massage and Cranio Sacral

Deb Sawdon – Energy/Spiritual Healing

Petra Otten – MindBody Harmonization, Certified Reflexology and Jin Shin Jyutsu

Adam Cappuccino R.TCM.P – Traditional Chinese Medicine including Registered Acupuncture and

Island Community Acupuncture

Isabelle Ma R.Ac – Registered Acupuncture and Island Community Acupuncture

Cathie Grindler – Advanced Cranio Sacral Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique

Dr. Brad Dunstan ND – Prolotherapy




Abundance for the Wellness Industry

Sincerest gratitude to all those who supported our Abundance Arising fundraiser. To all the Practitioners, Wellness Centre Members, and Moby’s regulars that came out to support us, and who donated their services, thank you for helping promote the Wellness Industry on Salt Spring Island.  We raised $2500 or about half the cost of this initiative. We reached our goal and as a result our wellness industry will be represented on all the major routes of the B.C. Ferries. The racking card will link to our online directory and our event calendar, both of which are free to list on. Thank you for your help in getting Salt Spring Island recognized as a wellness destination!

Featured listings on the directory allow practitioners to highlight their business offerings for a low cost of $50/year. Registrants who are featured get the additional benefit of listing photo’s, unlimited categories and priority spacing on the website as well as racking space at the Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre.

The racking card, which features the phrase “Salt Spring Island; Your Wellness Destination” will be completed and on the Ferries this spring. The estimated launch date for Ferry representation is May 15th, 2015.Racking Card front

Thank you to all those who are involved in this initiative for making it happen.


Greg Clayton and Tina Simpson