Fascial Stretch Therapy

If your muscles feel tight, your joints seize-up or feel inhibited, or your range of motion is preventing you from certain activities, you can benefit from Fascial Stretching. Fascia is the connective tissue that sheaths every muscle, joint, ligament, tendon and bone in our bodies, it is all connected and acts to bind as well as isolate and protect these structures. 50% of our bodies mobility is locked up inside our joints, Fascial Stretching is an assisted, mainly table-based stretching that can help restore the functionality and fluidity of joints, resulting in a greater range of motion. When there have been changes to the Fascia, there is a greater opportunity for imbalances in strength, flexibility, balance, speed & agility, not to mention joint and muscular pain. The Fascia is the integral component in accessing your bodies ideal flexibility, performance and strength as well as providing pain relief and pain & injury prevention. This unique system has shown great benefits to a range of clients from athletes, to recovering surgery patients, to highly active people and people with highly physically demanding jobs, to individuals that deal with chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia, types of arthritis and Parkinsons. Whether you suffer from chronic mobility issues, frozen shoulder, lower back pain, internal rotation, plantar fascitis, or are recovering from joint replacement or other types of surgery, stretching and aligning the Fascia is an extremely important health element.

Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
Shal grew up between here on Salt Spring Island BC and Calgary AB where she was born and also beg...
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