Mobility Assessment

A Mobility Assessment is a service that everyone at every fitness and health level can benefit from. As we age, our bodies begin to move less efficiently. We learn bad postural habits, compensate for injuries and muscle imbalances, become self-conscious of how we look, and honestly – we get lazy and our muscles and joints stop functioning correctly. Ask a three year old to pick up a soccer ball from the ground, and they will show you a perfect form deadlift, ask a thirteen year old and you will not see the same form. We lose the foundations of our bodies movements for so many reasons, and it causes aches, pains and even injuries. A Mobility Assessment by a trained professional is used to determine your bodies functionality flaws, from upper and lower cross syndroms, impingements, joint restrictions, alignment issues and more. The Mobility Assessment show us where the issues are so we can re-teach and re-build the body to move properly, as opposed to compounding on dysfunction. Your Mobility Assessment will include a motion screening with thorough breakdown of what was observed, recommendations for treatment, and will be shared with your trainers and health and wellness practitioners within SSIWC to aid your health and fitness journey. Stop living with daily pain, it is often a mobility issue and can be resolved as well as prevented.

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