Cathie Grindler, Salt Spring Craniosacral Therapy

inner wisdom and spirit

After my first session with Cathie I was vibrating with joy and full of lightness. She facilitated my connection with my inner wisdom and spirit. Cathie has helped me to reach the deep dark and light aspects of myself in a playful and lighthearted way. I am very grateful that Cathie shares her gift with me and Salt Spring!


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highly reccomend.

When I first came to Cathie for a treatment, I was expecting a calming, soothing head/foot massage that would help adjust my body gently and subtly and leave me feeling refreshed. What I received from the treatment was that, but also a million times more- it was literally life-changing.

Cathie intuitively supported me in releasing built-up “stories” , patterns, beliefs and energies that no longer served my highest good. This process allowed my natural energy to flow more smoothly, and powerful re-adjustments and re-alignment occurred. After my first treatment, I felt incredibly empowered, lighter, my thoughts were clearer and more focused, and I felt a feeling of freedom ripple through me. I noticed physical improvements including increased energy and flexibility.

Not long after my first treatment with Cathie, my family went through a traumatic experience. Cathie’s support through her treatments with myself, my daughters, and many of my extended friends and family was invaluable.

Cathie’s incredible services and loving offerings of healing and transformation allowed me to remain balanced through the most difficult times, so that I could be emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually strong presence for my family.

There is no doubt in my mind that Cathie is gifted in her skills; a gift to this planet. She is a powerful healer/facilitator who I would absolutely highly recommend to anyone, at any point along their journey. I feel blessed to have her in my life as a pillar of support and as an inspiration.


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I am grateful

Cathie Grindler has exceptional intuitiveness, empathetic sense, and a gentleness of soul and manner.
I have seen Cathie over the past several years, as the need arises in my life. She has the ability to address problems on a level that makes changes permanently , by getting to the root of the issue. Not only that, she teaches you how to work on yourself with gentle and effective techniques.
A gifted and elite practitioner, with years of experiences, training, deep dedication,and fervor for her clients well-being.
I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has helped bring into my life!
Samantha Parker​
Integrated Healing and Wellness,
1202A Grace Point Square,
Salt Spring Island,BC
V8K 2T9​

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Like a deep emotional massage.......

Cathies intuition and loving nature guides you through an emotional exploration of your inner self. Be prepared to discover a buffet of dormant thoughts and feelings that once experienced, will set you free from any mental, physical and emotional bondage. Cathie helps you realize your truest potential. Having a session with her is like having a deep emotional massage that is bound to leave you feeling empowered and liberated and prepared to face anything life brings you.
Taz Ackerley
Salt spring island

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Thank you Cathie.

I have had many sessions with Cathie, and each one leaves me feeling a
profound shift within which then usually gets reflected in my outer world.
Cathie is fun, dynamic, wise, and deeply gifted in her work. I am so
appreciative that I have access to such an amazing healer right in my very
own community. Thank you Cathie.

Julie Howard
Intuitive Massage,Reflexology, Energy Rebalancing
Heart Space Healing

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Thank you!

I’ll always remember the first time Cathie invited me to her yurt for a session of Craniosacral Therapy. In my lifetime I had lots of different treatments, but this was new and very exciting. Cathie’s gentle way had me relaxed the minute I stepped in the yurt and I trusted her completely. It was fascinating to experience how different parts of my body felt as she worked on me. So much energy was flowing and feelings of getting hot or cold were only the beginning of the many layers that she touched on.
I have had many treatments since my first visit and it never fails to amaze me that each time is unique and very rewarding.
Thank you so much Cathie for sharing your gift with me.

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Cathie is a wonderful healer. I had a relaxing and deeply insightful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend her intuitive and gentle touch.

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A rare gem

A session with Cathie is always a true path home to myself. Every session has me in either a puddle of tears or a fit of laughter (or both!) and I am always lighter after and ready to take on life again! She has a soft and loving presence that always creates a sense of safety for the deeper layers to unwind and can easily hold a strong space for big emotions to arise and settle. No session is ever alike as she follows the unique flow of energy one brings to the table each time and so diving into a session with Cathie is best to do without any expectations – Just a willingness to experience more of your true nature.

A truly gifter healer – Thank you Cathie for the beauty and joy we have experienced together!

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    Experience CranioSacral Therapy in the magical Mongolian Yurt Studio .
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