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Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
Unnamed Road British Columbia CA

Are you feeling exhausted yet still driven to live your soul’s purpose? Have you been feeling like you have unexpressed gifts yet don’t know how to access them fully so you can share them?

You are not alone.

I’ve been to that place of enthusiasm to serve others and make a difference only to get overwhelmed and exhausted by my efforts that kept getting thwarted by those I worked for or those I lived with.

Over the years though, I discovered how to create work/life balance by getting centered and transforming stress into ease. I created spiritual wellness strategies that empower you to live with integrity and express yourself authentically. I will show you a model for how to cope with stress that helps you cultivate resilience so you don’t remain stuck in a state of numbness rendering you ineffective at work and at home.

You and your family deserve better than that! What else is possible?

What would it be like to have more time for yourself and to spend with your loved ones?

I help you develop authentic empowerment so you can take back control of your life and experience more freedom and fulfillment, while have a deeper impact in the work you do by being who you truly are.


Soul Mentoring (available at Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre or private home)

Integrated Energy Therapy® (available at Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre or private home)

Shamanic Healing (available in private home)

Transformational Workshops (available in private home and changing venues)

Visit for descriptions.



B.A. Honours Psychology, Motivational Counselling, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master/Instuctor, Current member of the Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies, member of the Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce/Salt Spring Tourism
IET Practitioner
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JENNIFER! Wow, to speak of the Basic IET® level certification class as “life changing” is an understatement‎! I cannot believe the deep, profound healing I received. I’m not the same person I was before the class started. You were right – lots of tears randomly as the healing went through me and left me for good. I’ve been having short dreams at night that feel like stored traumas and were showing it one last time. I noticed that I reacted differently by the end of the dream, as if I was shown that I was now healed. How cool!

Now that I have also taken the intermediate and advanced level courses, I am so grateful and blessed for this energy work to have entered my life. I am now able to identify and remove any blocks that show up. I am now working towards using these amazing healings to manifest my dreams. I know that I have everything inside of me to live the life I have always wanted, but I am also aware that there are blocks from past lives and this current life that are blocking those dreams from manifesting themselves into my current reality. Not for long!

Using this technique on others, I am always in awe of what is healed and transformed in their lives! I love being able to witness the changes that can occur with such power and ease.

I am blessed you walked this part of my journey with me, and I am so excited for where this will take me!

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Grateful for Jennifer's expertise, gentleness, and trust

I have experienced many treatments from Jennifer Regular. She is lovely, authentic, knowledgeable  and has the kindest soul. I had originally tried some group Shamanic Drum Healing with Jennifer during my chemotherapy/radiation treatments for breast cancer 3 years ago. I was astounded by this experience and the healing and energy that I felt at the end of her treatments. I continually came away  emotionally, spiritually and physically lifted. Towards the end of my cancer treatments (and frail health) she delicately adjusted my regime to accommodate my limitations and I felt very safe, comforted and respected.  Her healings and teachings became a key part of my cancer journey recovery. Since the overwhelming success of her Shamanic Drum healing, I have sought out and entrusted Jennifer in other offerings that she excels at  (as have many of my friends) and I continue to be blessed with remarkable results. I am grateful for Jennifer’s spiritual guidance and positive influence in my life and of those I love. My life of healing and recovery has been transformed  into a calm way of living full of trust, love and gratitude. She has lifted me to a spiritual life beyond my wildest dreams to which I will be forever grateful to her and her gentle yet powerful teachings.

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