Mommy Penny

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Widcrafted tinctures from Salt Spring Island guiding the body to balance and harmony.

Uplifting and Healing

You can feel the love that has gone into every Mommy Penny creation. I have tried Hello Beautiful Day, Energize Me, Fresh Squeeze and In the Trees and love every one of them!  Penny has prepared special tinctures for me and I would never buy an over-the-counter product if she was willing to make a “special” tincture for me.  Penny puts the special extra ingredient of her energy into her products and I love them!  Joyce from California

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Amazing Products

  I have been using Mommy Penny products for as long as Mommy Penny has been producing them! I use the Cinnamon Tincture daily – I put a few drops into my morning coffee.  Getting the health benefits from cinnamon is a  wonderful way to start each day.

I also use the Mommy Penny room/body spray and the Mommy Penny salt scrubs. I keep a container of the salt scrub (either lavender or citrus) by each sink in the house.  Not only does the scrub soften our hands, it also put glorious nutrients back into our bodies.  Try this for a week and you will be amazed at how great your hands feel.

I gave a bottle of the Mommy Penny ‘Cradle me Softly’ room /body spray to my newborn granddaughter as a coming home gift! It has a beautiful calming effect on her and her mommy. My favourite spray is ‘Hello Beautiful Day’ – scent is light and uplifting and just makes you feel good! 

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  • Agnes Mikkelsen reviewed 3 years ago
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I have used mommy penny tinctures for over a year now and absolutely love them,  I had wonderful results with the Hawethorn, (lowered my blood pressure), the Holy Basil was great to calm down and have a good sleep! I have also had the nettle and turmeric and ginger tinctures and found them all very helpful!!

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