A place to experience and set the building blocks of a new culture – Community Building, Nature Connection, Meditation, Yoga, Shared Practice, and Authentic Connection.

Aloha is Love – Aina is Land – Aina also forms part of sustainability.

Aloha Aina is best described as a community homestead located on the sunny south slopes of Salt Spring Island. We utilize permaculture, organic farming techniques and intentional community building practices to empower deep changes within our personal relationships with nature and food, community and family, and ourselves. We grow food and care for the land to share with our community. Along with our constantly changing mix of international and local travellers, we raise our children outdoors and connect with the earth, ourselves and each other.

We are guided by the words – Truth, Trust and Transparency – in our exploration of village building and we begin each day with a morning intentional space and mediation, we eat many meals together, and we revel our authentic selves and recognize the collective universal nature of our joy, trauma and pain in a weekly community sharing practice called Forum. We also host a weekly community potluck dinner on Sunday evenings which we call Village Cafe. It begins at 5pm for anyone who wants to share food and music with our community.

You may find some our produce at the Farm Stand located at the Wellness Centre. Contact us at alohasaltspring(at)gmail.com to enquire about WWOOF and other work-trade and community opportunities.

A few words from our international community volunteers from WWOOF and Workaway:

A beautiful farm with exceptionally friendly folks. What small comforts you forgo is made well worth it with the community vibes, gorgeous location, and charming set-up.


It was such an amazing and special place to live for 6 days. The people around are so kind and friendly and I miss the farm already. It’s so great to live with people together who cares about food, nature and don’t have the consumer thinking. All in all it was one of the most beautiful and interesting weeks we experienced during our trip 🙂



This place is amazing I had such a great time here! Got to experience living in a community of incredible people, dancing, swimming in lakes, potluck, morning meditation… I can’t recommend coming here enough! Thank you so much for everything!


United Kingdom

This is not your common gateway weekend. By staying at Greg’s farm you are being welcome to a wonderful community of mindful people, all passionated, surrounding by the most beautiful nature and organic delicious food.



I had an AMAZING few days on the farm! At first, I was worried that spending 4 days on the island would get boring after a while, but Greg and other trade workers made sure to include me in all amazing activities/ events. Dancing, potluck and live music, are all amazing things to be experienced on this magical island!

Marc - Andre

Nova Scotia

I had a wonderful time here! Greg was a friendly approachable host and generous in his knowledge of the island. The accommodation was clean and warm. There were about 15 people staying on the property while I was staying there. All were warm and welcoming. It never felt crowded as there is plenty of space on the property and people off doing different things at different times. I had a wonderful time on the island 🙂



A great place to rest your head, if you are looking for positive energy and chill vibes this is your place!