At the Wellness Centre, many of our services are offered as Pay-What-You-Want. This applies to all our Integrated Health and Wellness Treatments.

What is Pay-What-You-Want?

It means you get to choose, every-time, anonymously and without judgment for us,how much you pay for our services. We don’t care if you make $10,000 per year, $100,000 per year or $1,000,000 per year. We don’t care if you drive a 94 Jetta or a Tesla, live in a yurt, tent or a mansion We only care that you pay what you feel comfortable with.

For example, our Island Community Acupuncture clinic has a minimum charge of only $20. So some people pay $20, some pay $23 (which is what is covered by MSP) and some pay all they way up to $50.

I know for myself, some days I feel wealthy, I feel called to share financially more openly, and some days I feel broke, and sharing my money feels unfair. At the Wellness Centre, we know your health is always changing, and want to take back some control and come visit us. And since people have a differing ability to pay, and this too is constantly changing, or pricing model reflects that.

Why do we offer our services in this unconventional model?

First, it allows us to offer services for less than we would be able to otherwise. This is because many people actually pay more than the minimum. If we did not offer this pricing model, we would not be able to offer acupuncture for $20, which is what many of our clients can actually afford. At this price we do not cover basic operating costs and the practitioners are making their minimum.

Second, all our practitioners are compensated as a percentage split with the Wellness Centre. So when you pay more than the minimum, the practitioner gets more. Many of our practitioners offer their services here at the center for less than they do at their private practice, and they do so because they are committed to our model of providing accessible and affordable healthcare. You can also rest assured that the practitioner does not know how much you pay.